In less than 5 minutes, you will have identified the key strengths and weaknesses within your insight generation programme across 8 key business criteria 

Customer Learning Insights

How well do you understand your customers' needs and requirements?

Social Media Insights

Are you using your social media metrics to gain a better understanding of your target market?

Sales and Marketing Insights

Predictive or purely historical?
Are you making the best use of your sales and marketing data?

Competitor Insights

Do you understand the real rivals to your brand and which one is leading the market?

Market Mapping Insight

Do you understand the impact of the wider environment on your brand?

Industry and Sector Insights

Are you able to put your internal insights into a wider context?

Analytics Application

Are you making the best use of your analytics software?

Insight Generation

Are your insights are actionable and focused on commercial outcomes?

Assess your ability to generate
actionable insights from your business data

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